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Peyroux 2020 Trio/The Dreamers

“Music has the power to soothe the savage breast” asserted the poet William Congreve, articulating that the arts have the power to heal. A notion subscribed to by many, including acclaimed musician Madeleine Peyroux, who in 2017 harnessed the healing power of song for her Anthem album and world tour (2018-2019). In an attempt to address “our torrid political climate”, the artist employed her intimate, personal style of folk-pop songwriting coupled with spellbinding jazz driven delivery to convey thought-provoking reflections on country, self and everything in between. 

Madeleine has spent much of her thirty-year career on the road, perfecting the live-performing skills she cultivated as a teenager busking in Paris. “Touring has become part of my make up” says the celebrated musician, “after years on the road, not touring would be hard for my psyche at this point.” The Jazz virtuoso is ready to travel “down the soothing path" again with her aptly titled trio The Dreamers. 

Trios have “great dynamic presence” explains Madeleine, “leaving just enough natural empty space around every sound so as to allow the listener to fill that with dreams”.  Starting in April 2020, Madeleine Peyroux, keyboardist Andy Ezrin (David Sanborn, Chris Botti, Joe Jackson, Christopher Cross) and drummer Graham Hawthorne (David Byrne, Paul Simon, Harry Belafonte) will weave their spell on audiences across America and Europe. 

The three come together to create a lavish bed for Madeleine’s sultry brand of torch song vocals, and self-styled guitar playing. True to Madeleine’s musical style, they appropriate an eclectic list of cover songs and make them their own, as they effortlessly meld romance with modernism, early blues, jazz and rock and roll with the impressionists.

Audiences can expect to hear potent tunes from the politically-charged Anthem, classics from the artist’s extensive back catalogue, originals and much-loved covers. All performed to Madeleine’s trademark high-quality, laidback style, fine-tuned by the trio over the two-year Anthem tour.  “With this trio I would like to soothe and be soothed” said Peyroux, "have fun, speak truth and feel good."

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