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Ha Ha Holiday

It's a Mistake

War Toys® is releasing a hauntingly-beautiful cover of the 1980s, antiwar hit “It’s a Mistake,” recorded for us by legendary singer/songwriter Madeleine Peyroux. Learn more here

Peyroux 2020 Trio/The Dreamers

“Music has the power to soothe the savage breast” asserted the poet William Congreve, articulating that the arts have the power to heal. A notion subscribed to by many, including acclaimed musician Madeleine Peyroux, who in 2017 harnessed the healing power of song for her Anthem album and world tour (2018-2019). In an attempt to […]

No Meanness

Here's the backstory behind this single from Madeleine: "I was living in a little SRO (single occupancy dwelling) in Brooklyn in 2005. I had just put out Careless Love and was touring quite a bit but luck had it I was home on one of the nights that PBS was playing Scorsese’s documentary No Direction […]

Jazz Times Premieres Lang Lang’s “Moon River” Featuring Madeleine Peyroux

Described as “his homage to the city that defined 20th-century music,” Chinese pianist Lang Lang’s new album, New York Rhapsody, comes out Sept. 16 via Sony Music Masterworks. Read the Jazz Times article here

Song of Lahore

In 2004, Izzat Majeed founded Sachal Studios to create a space for traditional music in a nation that had rejected its musical roots. After convincing a number of master musicians to pick up their instruments again, they quietly released some classical and folk albums. But it is an experimental album fusing jazz and South Asian […]

Lady Day at 100 - MP commentary

From The Jazz Rag special Lady Day at 100 issue View/download PDF

Noel! Noel!! Noel!!!

Madeleine contributed "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" to Noel! Noel!! Noel!!! a holiday album by Michel Legrand featuring various artists, released in December 2011 through Verve Records. Available on Amazon and iTunes Visit the project website (French)

Alexandre Thauraud - Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit

Madeleine performed the Cole Porter classic "Let's Do It" on this tribute to the legendary hotspot of the Roaring Twenties. Available on Amazon and iTunes

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