Madeleine Peyroux

Release Date: 2021

Carless Love Deluxe Reissue

Much like songbird Edith Piaf, Madeleine Peyroux spent her teenage years busking the busy streets of Paris. Just like the ‘little sparrow’, Madeleine befriended the city’s street musicians and made its Latin quarter her first performing stage. Years later, Peyroux would cite iconic Piaf as an influence on her music and record a rendition of the classic La Vie En Rose, soulfully capturing the tune’s romanticism and melancholy.


Release Date: 2018

Eight albums and 22 years since her debut Dreamland, Peyroux continues to challenge the confines of jazz, venturing into the fertile fields of contemporary music with unfading curiosity.

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Secular Hymns

Release Date: 2016

Twenty years after her recording debut, Dreamland, Madeleine Peyroux continues her musical journey of exploring beyond the ordinary with Secular Hymns

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Keep Me In Your Heart For A While - The Best Of Madeleine Peyroux

Release Date: 2014

Rounder Records is pleased to announce the release of Keep Me in Your Heart for a While: The Best of Madeleine Peyroux, the debut anthology of the critically acclaimed, singer-songwriter’s nearly 20-year career.

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The Blue Room

Release Date: 2013

On The Blue Room, her second Decca recording, Madeleine Peyroux and producer Larry Klein re-examine the influence of Ray Charles' revolutionary 1962 Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.

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Standing On The Rooftop

Release Date: 2011

With “Standing On the Rooftop”, Madeleine delves deeper into her reinvention, not only writing the bulk of the songs, but pushing past any preconceived notions about her music and daring herself to expand her sonic template.

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Bare Bones

Release Date: 2009

Madeleine Peyroux's fourth album isn't the normal mix of standards (contemporary or traditional) with a few songs of her own composing; each of the 11 tracks is a new song written by Peyroux, usually in tandem with producer Larry Klein or a guest.

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Half The Perfect World

Release Date: 2006

This time around, Peyroux focuses primarily on songs written by artists from her lifetime, including Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Fred Neil.

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Careless Love

Release Date: 2004

With the release of her long awaited follow-up album, Careless Love, Peyroux's potential as an artist is truly realized.

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Release Date: 1996

Madeleine's debut album from 1996 offers a wide variety of swing standards, originals, and hints of country and folk music.

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