madeleine peyroux


Standing On The Rooftop

Release Date: 2011

Renowned for her interpretive song skills, the vocalist followed her creative muse on 2009’s “Bare Bones” by challenging herself to write a full album of her own compositions. Now with “Standing On the Rooftop” (Emarcy/Decca), she delves deeper into her reinvention, not only writing the bulk of the songs, but pushing past any preconceived notions about her music and daring herself to expand her sonic template.

Appearing on the album

Madeleine Peyroux
Christopher Bruce
Charlie Drayton
John Kirby
Me'Shell Ndegeocello
Glenn Patscha
Marc Ribot
Mauro Refosco
Jenny Scheinman
Allen Toussaint
Patrick Warren

Track list

  1. Martha My Dear (J. Lennon / P. McCartney)
  2. The Kind You Can't Afford (M. Peyroux / B. Wyman)
  3. The Things I've Seen Today (M. Peyroux / J. Scheinman)
  4. Fickle Dove (M. Peyroux / J. Scheinman)
  5. Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love (W. Auden / M. Ribot)
  6. Standing on the Rooftop (D. Batteau / M. Peyroux)
  7. Threw It All Away (B. Dylan)
  8. Love in Vain (R. Johnson)
  9. Don't Pick a Fight with a Poet (M. Peyroux / A. Rosen)
  10. Meet Me in Rio (M. Peyroux)
  11. Ophelia (D. Batteau / M. Peyroux)
  12. The Way of All Things (M. Peyroux)

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